7. Uninstall Nix (if necessary)

Quick start / Uninstall Nix (if necessary)
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Cleanly remove Nix from your system

At the beginning of the Zero to Nix quick start, we installed Nix using the fast and stable Determinate Nix Installer, from Determinate Systems. We hope that your journey with Nix continues well into the future, but if you need to uninstall Nix for any reason you can do so with this command:

/nix/nix-installer uninstall

Follow the prompts to approve the requested changes. Some of the changes that the installer requests:

  • Delete the directory tree under /nix
  • Delete the Nix CLI tool
  • Delete all Nix-specific users and groups
  • Delete the Nix configuration file at /etc/nix/nix.conf

Once the Determinate Nix Installer is done, you can verify that uninstallation has succeeded by confirming that directories like /nix and ~/.nix-profile have been removed from your system:

ls /nix # error
ls ~/.nix-profile # error

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