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FlakeHub is a platform for discovering and publishing Nix flakes built by Determinate Systems. It offers a wide variety of features that Nix on its own does not:

  • Semantic versioning for flakes, including version modifiers like ~ (flexible patch) and = (exact match).
  • The ability to explore the Nix flake landscape in a variety of ways:
  • Automated flake publishing with GitHub Actions, including a user-friendly wizard to help you construct an Actions configuration for your project.

FlakeHub also offers a CLI tool called fh that you can use to perform a variety of actions against the FlakeHub API.

FlakeHub is a proprietary platform

Although we at Determinate Systems believe that FlakeHub makes important aspects of using Nix flakes more straightforward—and fun!—it is a proprietary platform and mostly not open source. Most of FlakeHub's features are free, including semantic versioning and publishing public flakes

In other words, you can use Nix and Nix flakes without using FlakeHub just as you can use Git without using GitHub.

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